The Food You Must Include In Your Diet To Improve Fertility

In most of the research, it is found that an unhealthy diet will harm fertility so it becomes a point of thing whether doing diet can cure the problem of infertility. You may not find any research for it but this will help you in many ways so that you will get desired vitamin in your body with the help of some food that you must include in your diet to improve fertility.

Most of the nutrients play a vital role in maintaining your reproductive system and if you start eating all those things that have those nutrients then nothing better than this.

Things you must include in your diet

You will find a huge number of eatable things that will help you in increasing fertility these are as follows-

Seeds and seed butter of sunflower- It is an excellent source of vitamin E and if you want to use the supplement of vitamin E without taking any type of medicine then this will help you. Soon after consumption, you will see the result as it will boot the motility of sperm, improve sperm counts and fragmentation of DNA.

With the help of Sunflower seeds, you will get many other nutrients that will help you infertility-

  • 49% vitamin E
  • 16% of folate needs
  • 31% selenium
  • 10% zinc

Grapefruit and orange juice

How to include it in your diet

  1. Do sprinkle the seed of sunflower on salad
  2. Try to use sunflower seed butter at the place of peanut butter

If you start doing it regularly in your diet to improve fertility, then you will see the good result very soon.

Cooked tomatoes– Cooked tomatoes are the best source of lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant. Lycopene plays a very important role in increasing fertility in males. In one of the study it is found that if you consume 4 to 8 mg of lycopene for 12 months then this will improve the health of semen and increase the chances of pregnancy.

How can you get it in your diet?

Lycopene is present in both raw and cooked tomatoes but you will get more in cooked one so try to consume it after cooking this will help you in increasing your fertility without any type of problem.

Pomegranate– It is high in antioxidant which results in an increase in fertility. With the help of Pomegranate, you can improve sperm concentration after several weeks. If you have low fertility then you may visit doctor and get prescription of many tablets, in most of those medicines, you will found essence of pomegranate. So if you try to take it in natural form then this will help you naturally.

How to get it in your diet?

If you want to include pomegranate in your diet to improve fertility, then you can drink it in juice form of eating the seeds of it directly.

Hence you will find lots of things that will help you in increasing fertility, all you have to do is to eat all that regularly.